Vision & Mission



A developed and harmonious population/community that has all the essential amenities of life


Enhancing Agricultural production and skills development for Sustainable Social Economic Development


To optimally utilize the available resources for quality service delivery to improve on the quality of life of the population


Prosperity for All through the provision of quality social services and increase in household incomes



  • To Provide accessible quality health services to the population
  • To provide an amicable environment for good governance and development.
  • To Provide accessible safe water and sanitation to the community
  • To provide the road infrastructure for quick and easy access to service centres.
  • To Provide Extension services for increased productivity.
  • To rationally utilize natural resources for sustainable development.
  • To Mobilise adequate resources (financial and otherwise) to facilitate District programmes.
  • To provide accessible and quality education to enhance literacy and numeracy.
  • To enhance community participation in socio-economic development of the district.