2020 National Assessment Results

This document highlights results from the Local Government Management of Service Delivery Performance Assessment (LGMSD) for 2020; conducted between October - December 2020. The LGMSD results of the assessment have got important implications and impact as summarized below;
a) The allocation of part of the development grants: The results of the LGMSD were used in the allocation of development grants for FY 2021/22 for Health, Water, Education and DDEG.
b) Informing the development of Performance Improvement Plans: Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) shall be developed to support the worst- performing LGs, and will incorporate the LGMSD 2020 results as soon as they are disseminated. The PIPs will provide a comprehensive set of actions to address the identified gaps, and support the LGs to prepare for the forthcoming LGMSD exercises.
c) Informing the Government Annual Performance Report (GAPR): The results will be captured in the GAPR for FY 2020/21 to be discussed by Cabinet. Issues requiring policy actions will be established and discussed with the concerned MDAs and LGs representatives

Monday, June 21, 2021