Bugiri District local government under the Production department conducted a farmers’ field where various farmers gathered to share and learn from those who were performing better. The activity was conducted on the 17th November 2017 in Buwunga Sub county in Bugiri district.

The district usually organizes such activities focusing on a particular enterprise and the focus of this particular visit was on the soya bean enterprize. Bugiri District Integrated Farmers and Agri-Business Association in Magoola parish, Buwunga Sub County hosted the farmers.

 The Association has over 2000 farmers divided among six (6) clusters in Kapyanga, Buluguyi, Muterere, Budhaya, Buwunga and Bulesa. The Association has a model garden of Soya bean -maksoy 3N of about 1 acre where modern agriculture practices where applied for others to copy and learn. A number of farmers have already adopted and established personal gardens at their homes.

Namabwe Shamim is one of the farmers who has adopted the technology and planted Soya beans at a personal level. She has one acre of soya beans and expects to harvest 6 -8 bags which will approximately fetch her 1,200,000=

“I have benefited a lot from this association. Previously I was practicing farming as an individual and was facing a number of challenges. But after joining the association, I have been able to get free training services, market information, seed and soft loans among others. I’m motivated with the soya bean enterprise. I went and learnt from the model garden of the association. When I came back, I decided to try the skills I had learnt on one acre. With the output have seen from one acre, I hope to increase on the acreage during the next season” Shamim said.

The Resident District Commissioner who joined the farmers during the field day encouraged the farmers to keep learning. He emphasized that information is power and the farmers have to keep learning in order to get new information about modern farming practices, Management of pests and diseases among others.


Farmers at the demonstration soya garden.


Soya bean garden ready for harvesting.


Thursday, October 29, 2020